3 New Trojan Legends CDs Due For Release This February

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24th February sees the release of a trio of new 2CD 'best of' sets  highlighting the best from  Jamaican hitmaker Gregory Isaacs, the legendary Skatalites and the inimitable Judge Dread.

Details of all three titles are as follows:


One of the best-known and widely respected Jamaican performers of all time, Gregory Isaacs was a true Kingston rude boy whose blend of hard-hitting roots and sweet romantic reggae captured the hearts and minds of fans over a period spanning more than two decades.

40 of his finest recordings from the 1970s are collected on this modestly priced 2CD set, which features a number of tracks officially unavailable in any format for a number of years.

The compilation is the 9th title to see issue in the Trojan Legends range, highlighting the output of some of the greatest and most influential reggae artists of all time.

DISC 1: Extra Classic; Mr Cop; Slave Master; Going Downtown (aka Rock This Ya Reggae Beat); Hand Cuff (aka Hey Mr Babylon); Black Kill A Black (Black Against Black); Ba Da; Storm; Story Book Children; Loving Pauper (aka I Am Alright); Too Late; All I Have Is Love; Looking Back; A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool); Be Yourself (aka African Woman); Set The Captives Free; Babylon Too Rough; My Religion; Never Be Ungrateful ; Motherless Children

DISC 2: Rasta Business; Slave Driver; The Sun Shines For Me (aka Salary Is Thin); Rock On; Love Light Burning; I Can’t Give You My Love Alone; Don’t Believe In Him; Oh No I Can’t Believe; Warriors; Dance With Me; The End Of The World; (Fly Away Little) Silver Bird; Beautiful Africa; Way Of Life; Thief A Man; Village Of The Underprivileged; Next To You; Mr. Know It All; If You See My Mary; You’ll Never Know


Former bouncer professional wrester, Alex Hughes became an unlikely hit-maker for Trojan Records in the early 70s, when after adopting the moniker of Judge Dread, he recorded a series of hugely popular risque reggae tracks.

Between 1972 and 1978 his singles breached the UK top 50 on no less than 10 occasions, making him one of the most successful reggae acts of all time.

The 2CD 40-track collection is the most comprehensive ‘best of’ ever issued by Trojan and features all of the above chart entries, along the very best of his other singles and key album tracks.

DISC 1: Big Seven; Je T’aime (Moi Non Plus); Big Eight; Grandad's Flanalette-Nightshirt; Y Viva Suspenders ; Big Ten; Oh She Is A Big Girl Now; The Winkle Man; What King Fu Dat?; Dread Rock; End Of The World; Confessions Of A Bouncer ; Come Outside; Dance Of The Snods; Mind The Doors; My Ding A Ling; Dread’s Law; Lover’s Rock; Fatty Dread; Bring Back The Skins

DISC 2: Big Six ; Up With The Cock!; Jamaica Jerk Off ; Molly; Big Nine; Look A Pussy; Big One ; The Blue Cross Code; Dr. Kitch; Move Over Darling ; Big Punk; Rudeness Train; Take Off Your Clothes; The Six Wives Of Dread; Little Piece Of Dinkle ; Big Everything; Dread’s Almanack; Worker’s Lament; The Belle Of Snodland Town; Will I What?


In Jamaica throughout the early half of the 1960’s, the sound of ska prevailed and of all the groups to make their mark during this time, none proved more influential or popular than the Skatalites.

Following their formation in the summer of ’64, this powerhouse combo, featuring the cream of Kingston’s session players dominated the island’s music industry for 18 glorious months.

Among the very best of their instrumental work recorded during this time were produced for Duke Reid’s famed Treasure Isle Records, with their finest tracks from the catalogue comprising this essential collection of 40 blistering ska sounds.

DISC 1: Eastern Standard Time; Occupation; Street Corner; Garden Of Love; Latin Goes Ska; Silver Dollar; Green Island; Alley Cat Ska; Alipang (aka Alley Pon); Corner Stone (aka A Trip To Mars); Doctor Decker; Rocket Ship; Teenage Ska; Knock Out Punch (aka Cotton Tree); Musical Storeroom; Cool Smoke; Lucky Seven; Melody Jamboree; Stampede; Girl’s Town Ska

DISC 2: Twelve Minutes To Go; Thoroughfare (aka Treasure Isle); Boat Ride; Mesopotamia; Nuclear Weapon; Sandy Gully; University Goes Ska; Duck Soup; Skalarama (aka The Magnificent Seven); Vitamin A; Around The World; Independence Ska (aka El Pussy Cat); Feeling Fine; Guns Fever; Don De Lion; J.F.K.’s Memory; Special Event ; Good News; Catch A Fire; Forty Miles Of Bad Road

All three releases are now availble for pre-order from Pledge Music - simply click here to find out more!