Retracing Classic Reggae Record Sleeves In London

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Photographer and Jamaican music fan, Alex Bartsch has teamed up with Al Newman at One Love Books to publish a book highlighting the London landscapes that feature on the front covers of some of reggae music's the most iconic record sleeves.

Alex explains concept and story behind the making of the book:

"The idea first came to me when I bought the 'Brixton Cat' LP by Joe's All Stars (Trojan Records, 1969). I live in Brixton and took the record down to the market where the cover photo was shot, holding it up and rephotographing it at arms length, matching up the LP to the background. The second cover was Smiley Culture's 'Cockney Translation' 12", which was photographed in Battersea. From then on, I was hooked.

To date I have located more than 40 covers. Some were easy to find while others took months of detective work. I cycled all over the city, from Penge in southeast London to Harlesden in the northwest. There were wild goose chases, and some unexpected finds. It's been a great adventure, and has painted an interesting map of London's reggae music heritage."

The hardback book, which will include a foreword by Noel Hawks, is to comprise 112 pages, 245×245mm, with rewards for pledges including a set of 8 postcardssigned and stamped prints and a limited edition clothbound version (numbered edition of 200).

In addition, for the more energetic fans, Alex will also be offering bicycle tours around London to visit the various locations of the record covers.

So, to ensure this amazing publication definitely comes to print, simply make your pledge here!